shlain \’shlan \ n: unique last name of Russian origins; POSSIBLE MEANINGS: 1 : Sound sword makes as it’s pulled from sheath 2 : fresh powder that fans from back of skis when turning in virgin snow. 3 : Acquired taste (of certain cheese). MOST COMMON MISPRONUNCIATION: “Slain”: this is esp. unfortunate if Shlain is a doctor. MOST COMMON MISSPELLING: “S-c-h-l-a-i-n" MOST COMMON CORRECTIONS OF MOST COMMON MISSPELLING:
1. “No Ma’am, it’s spelled like brain with a shl”. Or (2.) “Actually, sir, there's no c in "shit", so why should there by a c in Shlain?; APPROX. AMOUNT OF TIME LOST OVER LIFETIME SPELLING “Shlain” FOR PEOPLE OVER PHONE: 2 years, 7 weeks, 8 hours.

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